Ballerina Slimming Capsules Ingredients:

Ballerina Slimming Capsules are made of 100% herbal ingredients, which are absolutely harmless to take, which there are:

Hawthorn: is used to lower the cholesterol levels.
Pearl: safe and effecting whitening compound.
Polyphenol: an extract from green tea which accelerates fat burning.
Lotus Leaf: removes tonic materials from the body.
Ginseng: for strength and vigor.


The slimming effect derives from the removal of toxins as well as the slightly increased body temperature through day and night. The increase in body temperature is so minimal that you won't feel"overheated" or sleepless at night.

Ballerina Slimming Capsules are available in tins of 20 capsules each. It is said to see signnificant slimming results after the usage of 3 tins.